Deregulation of Electric Service Industry Means Choice, and Power Brokers Deliver the Options – Education Choice

Just as deregulation brought competitive pricing and choice to the telephone service market, consumers across the country are beginning to experience the same with their electric service and lower electric bills will be the likely result. As deregulation brings competition to the electric service industry, a new marketing niche is emerging. Enter the Power Broker! Power Brokers can pull together pricing from a variety of Retail Electric Providers (REPs) and bring them to the table all at once, enabling the consumer to make an educated choice in a fraction of the time. These Power Brokers in turn, earn a commission on the services they sell.New Age Power Brokers is one such company that is quickly expanding to fill this marketing niche. They have a growing network of consultants that present electric service options to commercial electric customers demonstrating the savings available through deregulation. There is however, some question as to whether or not New Age Power Brokers is a true power broker because it appears they market electric supply only on behalf of Glacial Energy of Texas. A closer look at Glacial Energy shows that they may actually be the broker, purchasing energy supply from various wholesalers and selling it back to their customers at very low rates. In fact, Glacial Energy’s indexed rate service is considered by many to be one of the best values in the electric supply market. The combination of New Age Power Brokers growing sales network and Glacial Energy’s value priced supply, gives this team a competitive advantage in the rapidly expanding electric supply market.Choice in the electric supply market is relatively new and as a result, many customers have reservations about shopping for alternatives. Reliability is the greatest concern and for good reason. Energy is the lifeblood of production and even a short interruption in service can be quite costly. The resulting reluctance is perhaps the greatest hurdle for REPs as they enter the electric supply market, but are these concerns really justified? The answer would have to be…no. Regulatory commissions across the country have been quite careful to address these concerns even before they arise. Even when customers switch to a Retail Electric Provider, the distribution continues to be handled by the regional distribution company. Regulations also stipulate that in cases of power outage, distributors must address all customers equally, regardless of where they purchase their supply. Deregulation is supposed to create fair competition and state regulatory commissions have carefully removed the advantage from the distributing company without risking reliability to the electric customer.In conclusion, the time is absolutely right for big savings on electric service. Small to medium sized manufacturing customers can save thousands of dollars every month by using a competing electric supplier and without risking any downtime. Power Brokers provide the most efficient means for price comparison and have a vested interest in finding the most cost effective solution for you. If you are in a state where choice is an option, consider a Power Broker like and see how much you can lower your electric bill.