The Choice of Golf Academies Expands Young People’s Horizons – Education Choice

It was a warm spring day when Freddy Fallon got the news. At the time, he wasn’t familiar with the game of golf, but he accepted the invitation by a couple of old friends anyway, who had gone off to attend different golf academies after high school. He needed to get his mind off things anyway. The intensity of his mind and the school work, being a physics major at FIU, was getting to him, and his grades were showing it. Certainly, he’d be thinking of the game in terms of physical analysis; the angle of the club in relation to the ball, and how the speed of the club would impact the movement of the ball, as well as how the two variables interacted. Afterwards, he might never have the opportunity to explore these concepts again.There were other subjects he could study at his school, but Freddy was feeling the itch to play, as the players that he knew described it. This was the first time that he actually considered looking at golf academies as a serious educational choice. There were plenty of them out there to choose from.Gina Jones was a writing major and had been invited on this trip. She had played a few times, but when she started school to pursue her writing career, the sport sort of went on the back burner. Catching up with her old high school friends from Orlando would be fun, so she headed on down.It was just the perfect day when she arrived on the course. Gina met and talked with her friends and participated in the game. She did not expect to see Freddy, but here he was, reading a brochure about golf academies. So much for catching up; they ended up both reading it together.His family based in Orlando, the convenience was already seen by Freddy, since the school had 1 of its 4 campuses located there. He already had skills that could be put to use. In the listing of possible careers available, there were jobs in manufacturing, repairing, or testing of clubs, as well as other consulting jobs.For writing, there were writing and editing jobs in media, such as for newspapers, magazines, and on the Internet, which were mentioned in the brochure as well. Gina was quite excited about that. Others wondered if it would be a step down for them from their current education, but this was for anybody with a passion for the sport.One of many colleges that can be accessed online, this one had an associate degree program based on Complex Operations and Management. Either or both Golf Professional or General Golf Management can be emphasized during the 2-year program. Gina and Freddy found Information about admissions, financial planning, as well as various student resources, including academic resources, information the sport itself, and a list of other helpful links on the site.Both of them ended up enrolling in the school and agreed that attending one of the best schools was a good thing. Deciding what you want to do in life is one of the most important things, and studying in a field that has so many possibilities is great. This is great for anybody with a passion to pursue a career that involves the sport, even though they may not be good at playing it. For Freddy, this was certainly a plus, since he lost five golf balls to course ponds that day.