Educational Benefits of US Army Service – Beyond the GI Bill – Education Choice

When most people think of education and the Army they immediately think of the GI bill, but veterans and US Army active duty personnel are entitled to more. With choices including the Reserve Educational Assistance Program (REAP), the Post Vietnam Era Veterans’ Educational Program (VEAP), and the Montgomery GI Bill you will be able to pursue your professional dreams with Army support. Protecting our country is an important job, and the time you give the US Army should not keep you from reaching long-term professional goals. Your Army service can actually become the doorway to an educational future that might not otherwise be in reach.Respecting Our Army VeteransThe US Army is committed to honoring the service of its dedicated service people and has tools available to guide you step-by-step to the best choice or combination of benefit programs for you. Some of the important determining factors in selecting the right combination are the length of your active service, whether you desire to attend school full or part time, and if you need a housing allowance. Take advantage of the planning tools the Army offers on its easy to navigate site to consider different combinations.Since the Army made changes in 1984 to the GI Bill, creating the Montgomery GI Bill, benefits available to veterans have only improved and choices expanded. In exchange for active duty US Army personnel forfeiting $100 pay per month for a year to the Montgomery GI program they receive a significantly increased educational benefit for 36 months.The Army makes this option even more attractive by including a buy-up option. While on active duty US Army service personnel can contribute up to $600 toward their Montgomery Bill. The Army matches this contribution 8 to 1, for every dollar the service person contributes, the Army contributes 8. What investment has a return of this magnitude!US Army SupportThe Army understands the importance of having time to adjust to life outside the service. Reconnecting with family and finding jobs and housing can be a challenging adjustment when leaving. US Army veterans have up to 10 years to use these benefits. There are informal and formal educational opportunities while in the Army that simply can’t be measured.Training experienced during your Army service would cost you thousands of dollars in the civilian world. When you add to that the significant educational support the US Army offers for its active personnel and veterans and the Army is a choice that simply can’t be beat.